Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY : Mr Moustache Tote Bag

Assalamualaikum and hai everyone. Malaysian or not, may Allah S.W.T bless you. During the semester break, I had done a lot of handmade crafts. One of them is Mr Moustache Tote Bag. It's was designed and made by me, with the help from my supermom...! 

Like seriously, I really, really want to make this kind of bag, with the moustache since long time ago, and Alhamdulillah i make it out real...! I went crazy with this moustache things since it famous in Tumblr. Oh ya, if you wanna see my tumblr profile, just click TUMBLR on the right side bar,ok. :P 

The first thing I did was designing the shape of the tote bag you want. As a first timer in sewing a bag, i just sketch it simple, with rectangular shape. And a moustache on it, most important part :P

About the size, i make it big about 18 x 13 inch, so my A3 sketch book or laptop can fit into it. Sorry, i'm not providing any precise guide or template, you can just google. Seriously, there's a lot of generous people sharing their ideas on sewing canvas tote bag. Oh ya, i'm using canvas fabric. I took my mom's extra fabric. I'm just practising sustainability and saving cost. >.< She use this kind of fabric to sew table cloth and table runner. She made it real and gorgeous. Seriously, just sew it by yourself instead of paying a sum of money for table runner because, it's sooooo easy and simple...! For the moustache, I used felt, cotton fabric and I put fibre in it so it's a bit like moustache plushie attached on the bag.

I designed it, I cut the fabric out with the size and sewing the moustache by hand was also done by me. My gorgeous mom did the sewing part. I'm not brave enough to use the sewing machine.....yet. The loud machinery sound scaring me....  Tiffany do nothing, just disturbing me..... -_-"

And in a blink of eyes..........Taraaaaa....!
It's not so fast as a blink of eyes...Just kidding, :P 

When you put a lot of effort on it, and it turn out well, it is just so satisfying and worthwhile. But if it's not turn out well, don't give up, keep trying, cause Allah giving you an extra experience of life. And please do feel great using this bag and bring it around your campus. Cause I do feel so. You must too, cause it's your very own handmade bag...!

Handmade craft is so exciting....! 
Till we meet again...see yah.
Assalamualaikum, have a nice day. 

If there's any request asking me to make it for them, i'll think about it. :)
Just let me know by  inbox me a mail at  The Little Ribbon .

mastura atiqah dah habes membebel.. thanks sudi baca. :)


  1. thanks for joining my blog; appreciate it
    are you Sarawakian?

    1. No, i'm not. I'm Kedahan studying in Penang. You're welcome..! :)

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