Sunday, January 16, 2011

photography itu indah.. !

hello,guys.! i gonna talk about my love today, that is, you!
yes, you mr. photography... :) why photography, not photographer? because i love photography more.. :) ok,ok..sila jangan boring.. we gonna go through about photography...

what is photography?
according to oxford advanced learner dictionary,
photography is the art, process or job of taking photographs or filming something.

and yes, i agree with you mr. dictionary. :)
with photography, people can enjoy their interest in art, make money with it and capture memories to be always with us in the future.

and i, was fall in love with photography since i was in form 4.
but now, i'm still learning how to get the best picture.
nice capture alone is not yet enough for a beautiful picture.
editing picture is important process to beautify your pictures.
sometimes, the fresh snapped picture is not so nice, but once it is edited
it will become SUPER WHOOAAA..
( ok, eksyen ja lebih.. he3 )

i have no camera actually..
now, i just use my W705 sony ericsson handphone..
what a pity, right..
he3, i don't you to pity on me..
unless you want to give me any dslr he3
(sangat melapau,ok) :P
ok, tak kesah la pasal tuh.. yang penting i still can capture what i want..

and this is what i want...
cool, right... :)

ok, last weekend i went to a big shop of Nikon..
and, oh my God, i found my love there...!
sangat banyak camera ok...
all nikon..
and taw taw je la..
nikon, sangat hebat and best..
kat sana jugak boleh try try!
macam test drive kereta, tapi tak boleh bawa pergi jauh-jauh la..
nanti ada pulak yang TER...bawa balik....

and these are some of photos from me, and i like it..!

my outfit of the day...

my little sister..yang sepet..! he3

this is me, captured it by myself..
(using self-timer..) :)

my little cutie sis.. :)

solat tiang agama.. :)

thats all i think..

hhmmm.. and if you wonder,
how come my W705 can snap such a nice photo...
ehem..ehem..nice ke?

actually i edit all my photos here...

hit the button, GET STARTED NOW !
then you will see this..

ok, lepas tu..
jangan segan silu nak upload photo ya..
upload la photo yang nak di edit..

ok, sekarang..
ha.. edit la puas-puas..
godek-godek la sendiri,ya...

mas tak pandai sangat nak guna photoshop and photoscape..
photoscape tuh boleh la sikit-sikit..

tapi nih best... :)

kepada yang dah tahu, ok.. ni untuk orang yang belum tahu...
anda yang dah tahu jangan nak belagak,ya.. :)

actually this is just a tip from me, a person who does not have
a super DSLR, tapi nak gambar yang cantik-cantik..
siapa-siapa yang senasib dengan saya boleh la tiru macam saya..!

hasilnya memang la tak macam yang di snap oleh mr. dslr nikon ataupun mr. dslr canon
tapi, boleh la.. setakat sedap mata memandang...

harap yang membaca nih, dapat la faedahnya..

mastura atiqah dah habes membebel.. thanks sudi baca. :)

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