Friday, February 15, 2013

DIY : The Rose, The Secret

Assalamualaikum . Hi friends. DIY tutorial or handmade stuff again. This time it's not totally handmade but it's something like make up or make things look better. Yes, it's important for something to look better. I bought a pouch for my MP5, or music player last time. But, unfortunately I din't get the pink colour that I always want. I got the brown colour. I told myself, it's ok, it's vintage colour, it's still classy. (Just to comfort my self. Hahaha. Childish me. ) 

When i'm home, I thought of doing something, to make it better. Then, roses blooming in my mind, and I got it..! An abstract rose motive...! 

Then, I just came out with that idea and start cutting the felt. And sew it on. And tara....! 

This picture taken before the felt was sew on the pouch. 

That's all, thanks...! Bye. 

mastura atiqah dah habes membebel.. thanks sudi baca. :)

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