Saturday, February 12, 2011

can't stop loving these songs..

actually, about 2 days ago,
i searched songs by sahrul gunawan, a handsome indonesian actor.. in
he was in BUKAN CINDERELLA sinetron
i'm search for songs titled Jadi pendampingku, sesalku, and bukan dirimu yang salah..
tetiba ja rasa nak dengar lagu ni..
these songs were in Bukan Cinderella sinetron..
it is my favourite..

but then, i found lovely songs, and I'm fall in LOVE with them..

these are the songs..

anugerahmu- sahrul gunawan.. :)

Dhuha- sahrul gunawan..

most like this song, Dhuha..
it is all about solat Dhuha, which always praticed by Muslims in the morning after the sunrise and before 12 at afternoon.
salah satu fadhilat bagi mereka yang mengamalkan Dhuha,
insyallah dimurahkan rezeki..

in this song, there also lines of Dhuha prayers..
i like it..

jika masih dilangit, engkau turunkan..
jika masih di dalam bumi, engkau keluarkan..
jika masih jauh, engkau dekatkan...
jika masih sulit, engkau mudahkan...
(antara kandungan doa dhuha..)


mastura atiqah dah habes membebel.. thanks sudi baca. :)

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